How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 days: The Ultimate Guide to Drastically Improving Your Basketball Shooting, Passing and Dribbling Skills (Basketball in Black&White)

Want to learn the exact basketball skills, strategies, and techniques the pros use? Discover a 21-day fast-track program to break through your basketball barriers.

Struggling to nail that winning shot? Can’t seem to pull off the spectacular passes and incredible crossovers you see on TV? James Wilson is a 30-year veteran of basketball coaching with experience gained in 20 countries. Wilson’s genius, laser-focused 21-day program is designed to improve your game no matter your current skill level.How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days: The Ultimate Guide to Drastically Improving Your Basketball Shooting, Passing and Dribbling Skills, teaches you precision drills and specific exercises to stack skill after skill. Using Wilson’s special core philosophy, this thorough system will improve your form, develop new skills, and help you challenge even the most advanced players.

In How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days, you’ll discover:

  • Expert techniques to dramatically increase your basketball shooting accuracy
  • How to crush your crossovers and handle the ball like a boss
  • How to toughen your mental state and play with courage, confidence, and control
  • How to challenge those more advanced players and succeed while doing it
  • How to be that go-to player who takes the winning shot and much, much more!

How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days is the definitive manual for any basketball player from amateur to pro. If you like learning practical, step-by-step, no-nonsense techniques straight from an expert, then you’ll love Wilson’s easy-to-follow guide.

Community Review 

  • Back when I was playing high school basketball, my friend and I were obsessed with dunking the ball. It consumed every moment of our existence, and we did everything we could to increase our vertical jump. It was a bit one-sided, because we should have spent time on improving other skills as well.
    I recently bought this book about basketball skills and how to improve them to share with my son. He is walking down the same path his father did, becoming obsessed with one aspect of the game rather than trying to become a well-rounded player. I hope to have this book show him the path to take.
    After reading this book I am impressed with the amount of good information in it. It talks about so many things related to to basketball and the skills a player needs to work on. In addition to basketball skills, the book also delves into exercise routines and ways to increase all aspects of a player’s game.
    I heartily recommend this book. The links to videos on YouTube that help to illustrate topics of discussion are a nice touch. Michael Jordan is mentioned a lot in this book, but if I had to hear about one player a lot, he would be my choice.
    I hope that my son eventually “sees the light” and realizes that dunking a basketball is not the be-all end-all when it comes to basketball. This book may help him see that and work on the other aspects of his basketball game.
  • I am joining a city recreation department men’s basketball league this fall. I haven’t played competitive basketball since high school (a very long time ). I was looking for some sort of structured program to help me get back into playing shape. I came across this book and thought it was pretty inexpensive and worth a try.
    The book was much better than expected. The author not only provides detailed written descriptions of fundamentals and techniques there are also links to demonstration videos which reinforces the information. There are also good suggestions on mental preparation for competition which will be helpful in your life outside of sports as well.
    The thing that I like best about the book is 21 day training program. The program lays out different drills and exercises for each day. I think this would be a great work out for any athlete, regardless of their sport, who wants to improve their strength, quickness, conditioning, hand-eye coordination, etc…
  • I must admit that this book “How to Be Better At Basketball in 21 Days” is very well organised and detailed guide for anyone who is interested in basketball and want to improve their game. The book will teach you a lot of things. From how to get in shape and control your focus to bettering your shooting and defensive skills.
    The 21-day program is a great chapter to read. Very detailed plan that will help you develop and improve your speed, strength, balance and overall basketball skills. You will also find a lot of pictures and diagrams that really help in the process of learning.
    But what impressed me the most was the concepts of visualization and mental attitude. I believe that the key quality a person needs for success in life, and on the basketball court, is a proper mental attitude . In basketball and in any other sport performace is vital. The conditioning and mental instructions in this book are both well worth the price.
    I have been playing basketball for high school and university team and I have never been lucky to get this kind of information, no time was given to the mental side of the game which in reality is very important. So I think a high school player who is really serious about developing their game would get a lot out of this book.

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